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  • 干粉砂漿包裝機英文介紹

    2017-05-05 09:08:14 glzon


    Dual nozzle pneumatic dry mortar packaging machine

    GZM-50AII is dual nozzle packing machine for dry mortar, cement and particle size less than 5mm, packing speed 24-30t/hour.

    It also can add auto bag push/ bag auto fall down deive.

    Packing machine Product description:
    The machine high degree of automation, simple operation, equipped with newly developed automatic unloading bag device, simply workers sidekicks (adapted valve pocketto complete thepackaging production process, save labor (3-4 people), reduce labor intensity greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Pneumatic valve port packaging machine is suitable for good fluidity powder or small particles (≤ 5mm) packageusing compressed air as a driving forceCompressed air through the atomizer (air) inside the sealed container material has been fluidized stateso as to achieve the effect of the feed conveyorPneumatic rubber valve closed by controlling the valve flow areain order to control packing materials feeding amount, to achieve effective and stable packaging accuracy and speed. This production line can produce a variety of dry products: insulation mortar, adhesive mortar, cracking mortar, dryadhesives, self-leveling mortar, dry powder putty and other material products.

    Packing machine Main features:
    1, automatic computer control, computer intelligent automatic identification, automatic measurement, high sensitivity, stable performance, anti-interference abilityaccurate weighing;
    2new design, no gate, weighbeam, swim moundcard round, pins, tension spring, pull springs and other mechanical weighing mechanismreducing the vulnerability of infiniteonly reduces maintenance costs, but also improves the efficiency of production;
    3, automatically compression bags, filling, closing and swap bags and other functions, stable performance, simple operation;
    4, the body is equipped with all the seals and dust port, reasonable structure, durable, truly environmentally friendly production;
    5the packaging machine with a single nozzle (CBM-AI), double-mouth (CBM-AII) in two models, can be composed by a double mouth tied 4-6 mouth packaging machine.


    Packing machine Technical parameters:
    1each nozzle output 10-15t / h, 

    2, heavy bags error: ± 0.2kg, 

    3, heavy bags pass rate: 99%

    4, each nozzle Power: 0.5kw,
    5single bag weight :10-50kg (can be set on request).