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  • 全自動灌裝機 潤滑油5L灌裝生產線英文介紹

    2017-05-19 08:51:02 glzon

    GFM-5 full automatic liquid filling line is widely used in filling motor oil, lubricanting oil, lube, paint, coating, food additives into the 4L pails.

    Liquid filling equipment of measurement, it is set the heavy type metering mode to the liquid products, realize automatic speed control, automatic filling of special equipment, the equipment is suitable for petrochemical industry, dye, grease, paint and other industries, especially to be toxic, strong corrosion, inflammable, explosive, volatile, easy oxidation, coagulation, easy to crystallization of all sorts of chemical material such as filling.
    The automation equipment according to user needs, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling two kinds of function is implemented.20 l closed filling machine basic filling machine can realize automatic machine is special equipment, liquid products is suitable for low corrosive medium heavy machine.
    Technological process: artificial bucket cover open barrels - automatic conveying bucket - automatic filling measurement - automatic weighing hopper - artificial close the lid
    Filling capacity not less than 500 barrels per hour.
    Nitrogen filled function
    Nitrogen filled function in the process of filling, the use of nitrogen and the inert gas is used to cut off filling material and air reacts, application nitrogen filled function materials mainly include the phenol, epoxy propane, butylene glycol, acrylic acid, aniline, tetrahydrofuran, etc.
    Heat tracing function
    To prevent solidification filling material, the use of thermal insulation function, is advantageous to the filling process, the application tracing function materials mainly include acetic acid ethyl ester, TDI, adjacent nitro toluene, ether, phenol, acrylate, methyl ethyl ketone and other materials under normal temperature crystallization.
    Scavenging function
    After filling, if the remaining material is not clear for a long time could be cured or corrosive filling equipment, so you need to use at the end of the filling purging function, the pipeline purging clean surplus materials;Filling equipment replacement material, also need to be purging before change, in particular, corrosive, flammable, explosive materials, especially under the condition of two kinds of material to produce chemical reaction, can reduce the risk of scavenging function.
    Top infuse with applicable types: general is not easy to produce foam or without explosion-proof, does not produce static material can adopt the top infuse
    Bottom infuse with applicable types: in the filling process of foam, easy to produce static material, it is recommended to use the bottom pouring way, such as phenol, butylene glycol, propylene oxide, alcohol ether, etc.