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  • 5L自動灌裝機英文介紹 5升灌裝機

    2017-06-12 08:53:09 glzon


    5L automatic weighing filling machine

    Product introduction
    Semi-automatic liquid filling machine is mainly used in the tin bucket, plastic automatic quantitative filling, can also be applied to food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries automatic filling of liquid class material.Example: lubricating oil, edible oil, alcohol, disinfectants, printing ink, chemical paint, coating, etc.

    Product features
    1 the system USES the overseas advanced technology, production of weighing type filling machine, high measuring accuracy, not affected by material.
    2 by the fast and slow of charging valve, both can improve the filling speed and can improve the filling accuracy.
    3 wide measuring range, can be adjusted within 0.5-50 kg.
    4 drip tight device for the filling head, the emulsioni paint of pouring out without air bubbles, cans effect is good.
    5 automatic control of material feeding, equipped with pneumatic clamp cover and pneumatic pressure plate device, the filling volume can store up to 10 kinds of formula, easy to switch.
    The working principle of
    Continuous stable feeding way: requirements for material (in transporting pump or hopper pressure feed)
    Feed mechanism by electromagnetic valve by cylinder respectively perform rapid and slow feeding.
    Filling way: ordinary regular filling and lifting submersible filling (choose according to need to order)
    Weighing system by weighting stents, sensors, weighing platform equipped with unpowered roller and frame support and filling system.
    Pneumatic control system: fast and slow feeding valve.
    In the process of using weighing platform does not allow the additional external force.Filling nozzle height can be adjusted through at the top of the handwheel.
    Introduction to operation
    Artificial shift barrel;Manual start;Automatic feed valve open transporting pump and sizes;To set the working point 1 in the quick feeding valve;To set the working point 2 shutdown and shut slowly feeding feeding pump valve;Artificial sealed barrels to gland position (with auxiliary positioning device);Artificial gland, gland end of artificial shift barrel;Put in storage.(barrel with stainless steel rolling up and down)
    Product parameters
    Filling range: 0.5 to 50L
    Filling accuracy: 0.2%
    Production: 160 ~ 300 / hour
    Electrical source: AC220V plus or minus 10%, frequency 50 hz, power 500 w
    Using air pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa, consumption of 10 m3 / h
    Into the mouth: DN40, material inlet pressure (< 0.6 Mpa)
    And material contact part of the material is 304 stainless steel